Moon Journal Cycle 4

Moon Journal Cycle 4


Moon journal are here to keep safe your deepest thoughts & desires. Dive openly onto these sacred pages, trusting that words are the key to manifest form. Choose wisely.

Our Moon Journals are handmade with recycled fabric making sure not to waste & the Lokta (Mulberry) plant pages are individually bound together to create a sturdy book that will be sure to last. In a perfect keepsake size, each journal comes with a bookmark adorned with 1 cowrie shell & 1 shimmering moonstone to guide you on your path.

Size: 5”x3.25” (46 writing pages)

Healing Power: Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, while Mother Earth’s shell is an ode to success and inner growth. Moonstone delivers insights into the mysteries of true female power, the essence of all healing energy

Sacredly Made & Ready to Ship in 1-2 days

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