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“From Moon & Dust we become, to Moon & Dust we return...” 

Our external physical beings are nothing short of conscious manifestations of what and how we feel internally. The strongest validation as to why it is so important to pursue ideas that leave us in constant states of joy. Every decision and action calls forth our authenticity to prevail. Heaven isn’t an idea meant to be safeguarded for later, but to be enjoyed now.


In all that we do we live by five simple truths:

  1. Live simplistically & humbly. What is the bare essence that will bring about bliss? Don’t overcomplicate it!

  2. Push past boundaries. Summon positivity or appreciation to alchemize any negative experience

  3. Embrace new ideas to see new perspectives. Lift the veil by being open to trying out many ideas to get to that one.

  4. Take responsibility for your healing. Stay aware that the problem AND solution reside within you.

  5. Create leaders. Your life is your message and inspiration to endless eyes peering in, lead by example.