Akashic Healing Sessions (33)

Akashic Healing Sessions (33)


Each session will begin with a short meditation to attune ourselves into the present moment before we open the records and delve deep to find the truest answers from your Loved Ones & Guides.

This session is *33* minutes of guidance & would be perfect for clarity or confirmation to your most pressing concerns. Deep healing will occur simply by bathing in the light of the Akasha.

This ceremony will be intuitionally led, so all that is asked of you is to arrive with an empty vessel ready to be filled with Divine’s knowing. You may or may not be sure why you’re reaching out, but trust your inner knowing as it ushers you towards reclaiming your souls purpose. It is all within you.

After purchase, I will reach out to agree on a date & time to connect. Sessions can be in person (Long Beach area only), over the phone, Skype or Facetime

Please note that all session times are in Pacific Standard Time

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